Children & Teens


  • Does your child experience anxiety about attending school or activities where you are not present?
  • Has your child been experiencing an unexplained change in mood, behavior or school performance?
  • Has your child been acting out through impulsive, obstinate or disrespectful behavior?
  • Does your child have difficulty making or keeping friends?
  • Does your child appear lonely, moody, withdrawn or sad?
  • Do you and your partner disagree on parenting?
  • Is your child struggling with their sexual orientation?
  • Are you and your children struggling with divorce, being a single parent, co-parenting or blended family issues?

Our children and our families are unique. We can experience joy, worry, uncertainty and frustration in parenting and coping with family members’ expectations. Family counseling or consultation can provide assessment and recommendations that improve the individual and family’s functioning.

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