Depression / Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can dominate one’s life and diminish joy. Learning how to manage depressive thinking and feelings can be accomplished.

Couples Counseling

Relationships are a foundation of our life, well-being, and daily functioning. An improved, stable, mutually satisfying relationship can enhance quality of life.


Family counseling or consultation can provide assessment and recommendations that improve the individual and family’s functioning.

Grief / Loss / Adjustment

Life unfolds, at times with great challenges. We each adjust to loss differently. Grief counseling or psychotherapy can help you adjust and recover from loss or trauma.

Welcome to Susquehanna Counseling Group!

We are a multidisciplinary team of licensed and experienced professionals who provide counseling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples. We each have our interests and specialties in working with adolescents, adults and seniors. Our office is private with a comfortable atmosphere. We are providers for numerous health insurances and EAP’s.

Life can pose challenges impacting our mood, relationships, and functioning at work, home, and school. Counseling can enable you to develop the skills and tools to improve your well-being and decrease your distress, understand unhealthy patterns, develop strengths, and accept and cope with change and loss.