• Do you find it difficult to stop worrying about events, people, or the future?
  • Do you experience significant anxiety in social situations, small spaces, or being near specific objects or locations?
  • Do you experience uncomfortable physical symptoms such as trembling or shaking, heart pounding, sweating, wobbly knees, light headedness or stomach upset?
  • Do you often feel restless or uneasy and have difficulty relaxing?
  • Do you ruminate and become anxious about orderliness, health, cleanliness, or contamination?
  • Are you unable to stop repeating certain behaviors because of fear of harm to yourself or others?
  • Do you experience periods of discomfort or fear which you realize are excessive?
Anxiety can be mild to overwhelming and impact us emotionally, physically and mentally. Anxiety disorders can be managed utilizing a variety of treatment strategies. Don’t allow anxiety to control your life.